Building Mobility In Our Homes

The world of mobility is a luxury that many people take for granted.  When we are able to get up, walk around and do things that we want to do without thinking, it is hard to imagine a world where this is not possible.  For millions of people around the world however, this is a reality that they can’t enjoy.  For those that have a physical disability mobility and the simple things in life are really challenging.

When it comes to a world that you are not able to move in it is required to have more mobility access built into your world.  For those in a wheelchair or otherwise immobilized, finding ways to make life easier is their top priority.

wheelchair accessible sink


The bathroom is possibly the first area you will think of as needing to be upgraded.  In the bathroom you will need a walk-in tub, wheelchair accessible sink, handrails for the toilet and more.  When we are disabled having constant assistance to do the smallest tasks is required.

Wider doors and clean access-ways

A wheelchair will require you to sometimes have larger door entryways and clean access-ways to move around.  Depending on how large you are and the size of your living environment you may even have to consider moving to a specific space to accommodate your needs.

Lower counters

The counters in your kitchen will also need to be adjusted.  If you are looking to cook then you may want to have a small desk or work area where you can cut vegetables, prepare meals and more.  The appliances that you use to cook such as stoves, microwaves, freezers and more will also need to either be adjusted or modified to accommodate your mobility.

As someone with a disability or someone who deals with someone with a mobility issue, it will take time to really adjust to this new requirement.  However, with some time and effort everyone should be able to adjust and live a happy and healthy life.