New Year, New Bathroom

It’s 2020, so stop living with that bathroom from the 1970’s.

If there’s one thing you deserve in the New Year, it’s a new bathroom. As one of the smallest rooms in the house, the bathroom is the easiest to upgrade.

Try any of these easy upgrades on for size and experience a new you in the New Year.

A pedestal sink

There’s something about pedestal sinks that just give a bathroom a touch of class. Not to mention it’s as easy as purchasing the sink, removing the old one, and connecting it to the plumbing. As long as you can do minimal plumbing and maintenance yourself, you’re only paying for the sink.

New tile

After no time at all, bathroom tile can just become old, scummy, and simply in need of an upgrade. You can upgrade your bathroom glass tile baton rouge style, and the installation is easy. New tile is one of the easiest ways to give your bathroom new color and new life.

A medicine cabinet

If your bathroom doesn’t have a medicine cabinet, or even if it does, you could always use a new one. Nicer medicine cabinets are available that have wood frames and nice handles. You’d be surprised how even just one cabinet can transform your bathroom.

Try a towel rack

bathroom glass tile baton rouge

Towel racks can be bland and boring, but an upgraded one can give your bathroom new flare. Try a vintage, modern, or colorful one. Use unique hooks suck as old fashioned sink knobs, or other hardwares. Then attach them to a simple shelf. Voila! A new way to organize and stylize.

Other cheap fixes

If you actually like the hardwares in your bathroom, perhaps all you need is a few new decorations. Try getting rid of the old – toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, soap holder, etc. and replacing them with new ones. After all, it is all new in the New Year.