Read This To Know What an Ash Catcher Is?

Mostly, you will find that bongs used by stoners are made of glass material that will filter and cool your smoke when you inhale. Ash catchers are generally attached to the bong to keep ash and resin that end up in the bong water.

All the smoke will travel first through this ash catcher since it is meant for capturing the entire debris before it can contaminate the glass pipe. Most of the ash catchers usually contain percolators that are meant for added diffusion so that smoking from bong becomes tasty and easier to inhale. It is almost like an additional filter in the water pipe.

While you try to regularly clean your bong, an ash catcher will make your job much easier for you. If you want to buy an ashcatchers from any online head shops then you may prefer to visit the website of Express Smoke Shop.
The following comprehensive info about the benefits and purpose of any ash catcher will enlighten you about this important accessory.

Why you require an ash catcher?

By reading above, you must have understood the basic purpose of having an ash catcher. This portable attachment can help to keep out the ash and debris in the pipe of your bong. You will find ash catcher in different sizes and styles that have the look of a certain miniature water pipe.

Different ash catchers are fitted with different types of percolators that can help to diffuse and filter the smoke and also prevent any need for cleaning the bong regularly.

After finishing your smoking session with your bong, you can now remove this ash catcher and clean it. You can clean these ash catchers rather easily than cleaning a bong.

A few benefits of an ash catcher

An obvious benefit of an ash catcher will make sure that you need not clean your bong every time after your use. Obviously, this means that you can have a little more time with your bong and also use it regularly for smoking.

For any smaller bongs, however, you may not need any ash catchers. However, if you have got a large piece having several percolators, then an ash catcher will be necessary.

Ash catchers are attached to a bong almost similar to bowls. Having an ash catcher, now you can place your bowl of the water pipe inside rather than placing it in the water pipe. As you smoke, your ash catcher can trap the entire ash that would otherwise pass through the water pipe of the main chamber.

You must remember not to add much water to your ash catcher because then it will fill dirty water into the water pipe. To avoid this, you may use K-clips to secure the ash catcher along with your water pipe.

So, if you have got extra money then you must have an ash catcher as an accessory for water pipes. Surely, it can make the smoking experience much more enjoyable and besides will make your bong cleaning much easier.