Need for Entryway Door Matting – Make the Right Doormat Choice

Almost every home has an entryway doormat. It adds a decorative touch at the entrance. A classic doormat contains the words ‘Welcome’ printed on it. It creates a ‘welcoming’ vibe for the guests. However, there are several attractive mat options available these days. You can flaunt your creative side not just through your home interiors – but also through your doormat.

Welcome your guests with pretty doormats:

There are multiple variants of doormats available these days along with customization options. You can hence choose a unique doormat that sets your home apart from the neighbors. Layering your doormat is another idea to showcase your creative flair. Place a rug below it and add a pop of color (like flowers) makes the entryway appear cozier.

If you are looking for good-quality doormats online, check out Ultimate mats. They feature the best quality doormats in the market at affordable price. Their customer service team would help choose the right mat material according to your needs. There are different mat materials each with different set of pros and cons.

Popular doormat materials:

  • Coir: Coir is a resilient fiber extracted from the coconut shell. The organic and eco-friendly material is affordable and reduces environmental impact. Coir material effectively traps dirt and moisture making them suitable for high-traffic areas. They are water-resistant, easy to clean and don’t generate static electricity.
  • Polypropylene: Polypropylene mats are functional and beautiful. The fabric is resistant to chemicals and rugged. They are waterproof and resist moisture, mildew and perspiration. They don’t fade easily and hence can be used outdoors/
  • Carpet: The top surface of carpet fiber mats is tough. Due to their excellent absorbent quality they are ideal to be placed on wet surfaces. They absorb moisture from shoes effectively. They feature excellent sewing pattern and available in several visually appealing choices.
  • Vinyl: The top layer of the mat has a soft absorbent foam material. Vinyl is a plastic polymer available in several attractive designs. It is easy for manufacturers to create a surface design of their choice. The mats are robust but don’t effectively absorb water though.

Importance of choosing the right mat material:

Choose a material based on the foot traffic and its properties. The reason we give more importance to doormats and their material is because doormats aren’t just a decorative accessory for our entryway. They serve several other functions. Doormats are effective in trapping mud, grass, snow, grease, dirt, water and runoff away.

Our shoes have found to be one of the biggest carriers of infection since the sole of our shoes easily traps pathogens. When we place a mat at the entryway, we can scrape off dirt from our shoes easily onto it before stepping inside our home, which helps to keep infection away. It is also easy to clean the floors since there won’t be foot marks trailing through the rooms.

Door mats are both functional and decorative. Choose the right mat material according to the needs of your home. Purchase top-quality mat material for durability.