Facts to Consider when Your DNA Do Not Match with Your Parents DNA

You are really worried when your DNA doesn’t match with either of your parent’s DNA. You are troubled with confusing thoughts and the desire arises to seek the reasons for unmatchable DNA reports. You have done a legal paternity test to fulfill some legal requirements or for some other valid reason. You feel aghast that the DNA match is totally different than expected by you and your parents.

You don’t have to be annoyed as there are chances of your test reports being faulty. You can be sure of the results is authentic when tested from renowned authorized labs like PaternityUSA legal paternity test experts. They are rated to be one of the best in providing accurate results, thus next time make sure to contact them.

Firstly, you need to know the terms related to DNA segments that are inherited.

  • DNA identical by descent – It happens when your DNA segments are inherited through your parents and they share the same from any common ancestor.
  • Identical by state – It means, you share identical DNA with some person without being related to them. It can be called a coincidence DNA match. It even happens when your parent’s DNA doesn’t match with the person possessing a similar DNA segment like yours.

Facts behind your DNA not matching your parent’s DNA –

  • You aren’t related biologically to them. In many DNA match cases, it happens as you share only or lower than 5 to 7 centimorgans with their DNA. This may happen because of having a common ancestor.
  • Adapted different ways of DNA testing – It happens when people use paternity test for court is done using DNA testing kit of different companies. It even can happen when you all have tested DNA from different labs. This is because all of them follow their own procedure of testing DNA samples. The technology, the software and the tools used are different, thus ample chances of difference in reports.

They may have tested different numbers of SNPs thus the results may not be as expected. It may like your SNPs numbers have been used more by the lab technicians and less by your parents.

  • Genes weren’t passed to you by your parents – It is a known fact that there are innumerable genes in your body however, it isn’t necessary all has been inherited from parents. Genetic variations can happen rarely. Many people have a close DNA match with their siblings however not with parents.

The generalized fact is that there are rare chances that your DNA won’t match either of your biological parents. That is the reason for legal approval sometimes the court doesn’t recognize unauthorized testing lab as a legal DNA test. They even ask DNA of grandparents and their grandchildren.

It isn’t that home DNA tests aren’t perfectly right however there are chances of difference in results, thus it is best to have it done from credible DNA testing laboratories nearby. It will be beneficial to do a DNA test of your parents and yours from the same DNA testing center to prove as court admissible DNA test, if there is a need in future.