Is It Possible To Mix Nicotine And CBD

Vaping is so versatile and is also a healthy alternative to smoking. It makes use of nicotine. CBD oil and nicotine are very different from each other and you can’t mix them. With the nicotine vape juices, there are various flavors and concentration levels.

Nicotine e liquids and CBD have different needs. The nicotine-based pens use heated tobacco by providing the solution to mental health as well. Vape E-liquid is found instantly for consumption along with vape mods.

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The molecules of CBD oil and nicotine are very different and so can’t be mixed. They affect different parts of the body.

Can Nicotine and CBD be mixed?

  • Alternative nicotine and vaping

Almost all vaping devices can change their tanks once it is used properly. But having nicotine e-liquid and e-liquid in the same tank can be disturbing. If the tank contains nicotine e-liquid, the CBD oil will lose its efficiency. Further, you need to have two refillable pods, one for CBD and the other for nicotine.

  • Vaping and alternate cigarettes

Nicotine works faster than all other cigarette forms. To take full advantage of vaping, you need to restrain after about 4 hours from taking CBD. This way the metabolism also remains intact. Any delay can cause problems for vaping later. But it’s also good to restrain from smoking for quite a while.

  • Stimulants and Depressants

Nicotine acts as a stimulant and you can’t mix it with CBD. Likewise, CBD is used for relaxing purposes only. It’s not good to take nicotine just before bed. All those who are interested in CBD must avoid mixing as much as possible.

The mixing can turn out to be counterproductive. Also, it’s advised not to have coffee or other drinks with CBD. This can have negative effects on the body.

  • CBD and Nicotine degrading

CBD can oxidize in open air and light when it is subjected to a long time. Besides, oxidation alters the CBD to reduce its effectiveness. It is important to store CBD liquids in a dark and cold place.

This is the same for nicotine as well, but the properties need to be checked first. If the preservation happens for a long time, then the liquid can be very disappointing in the end. It’s best to favor pure CBD if you want to store it for a long time.

Should you mix CBD and nicotine together?

When you mix nicotine and CBD, both the products become very tasteless. To get the right hit, you can mix both the products. When you are taking CBD, you want to take it 100% fully.

You can add nicotine shots in CBD vape liquids. But you have to wait for a few minutes to get high CBD concentrates. You can fill nicotine in CBD e-liquid through the small shot bottles.


With the information given above, you can determine if you should add nicotine and CBD together or not. If you are not sure, it is always advised to consult with an expert.