3 Types of Businesses that Should Have Massage Chairs

Is there anywhere in your life that you wish had a designated space to relax, unwind, and refresh yourself so that you could conquer the rest of your day? If so, that place might be in desperate need of a massage chair. Quality massage chairs are known for reducing stress, bodily fatigue, and boosting energy levels – it’s surprising that they are rare to come by in everyday life. The following is a list of places, besides the obvious: at home, that could seriously benefit from the addition of a massage chair. 

  • A Small Business Office

When suggesting a massage chair for your office space, I don’t mean getting rid of your regular office chair. The most beneficial place to put a massage chair in your work environment would be a separate room for employees to spend time in on their breaks. Especially if your employees spend a lot of time sitting down working at their desks, a place where they can rejuvenate their minds and bodies is crucial. Just a 5 minute experience in a massage chair can relieve them of work related stress and tension, and also refresh their brains so that they can better perform at their job – feeling more inspired and well rested than before. Not only will this increase the performance of your staff, but it will also make your team feel valued and therefore increase employee longevity. Most times, company owners can even deduct the purchase of a massage chair from their business taxes because it can positively influence the company’s income. 

  • The Beauty Salon

For many, a trip to the beauty salon can be the best and most relaxing part of the week. Whether it be after an exhausting day at work, or part of a fun experience with friends – expectations are high as soon as the client arrives. Placing one or more massage chairs in the waiting room can be a great way to make customers feel like they are already starting their spa experience as soon as they step inside, and can reduce the chances of them rushing employees if they arrive early or a prior appointment runs a little bit late. Alternatively, replacing the chairs clients would normally sit in during their session with massage chairs can enhance their enjoyment of their spa treatment extensively. Going the extra mile to make customers feel pampered leads to bigger tips, and higher return rates! Employees of the salon can also take advantage of these massage chairs on down time, or to unwind after their last client of the day. Overall, it seems like massage chairs just belong in beauty salons.

  • The Airport

Travelling can be simultaneously the most exciting and exhausting experience ever. On one hand you’ll be exploring new places and trying new things, but on the other hand you have to lug around heavy suitcases, sit in an uncomfortable plane seat for hours on end, and then there’s jet lag. For some people, a fear of flying or claustrophobia are also added to this mix. It goes without saying that the airport can be a stress inducing place, especially when you have long layovers and start growing impatient. Introducing massage chairs to this environment, however, can completely change the mood. This would give travellers the opportunity to utilize their time spent in the airport to catch up on some much needed R&R, treat their aching muscles, and provide a relieving outlet for their boredom and nervous tension. It would even make some airplane passengers look forward to arriving at the airport just so they could spend a few minutes partaking in some much needed self care. 


While the best location to have a massage chair is in the comfort of your own living room (so that you can use it 3-4 times a week for optimal results), these locations are arguably next in line. So if you happen to own a company with hard working employees, a beauty parlor, or an airport – you know what to do!