Choose The Perfect Candlewick For Making The Perfect Candles

When people start making candles, they pay more attention to wax, fragrance, or colors. They forget about the most prominent part of the candle, the candlewick. Choosing the correct candle wick is the essence of making the best candle.

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Importance of choosing the right wick

If you want to make high-quality candles or avoid candlewick problems, then choosing the correct candlewick is crucial. Having the right wick is what matters the most when you are making candles. The kind of wax you are using or the kind of containers you have, nor does the scent matter. If you don’t have the correct wick, you will have problem making the best candle.

Things to consider

Now that you know the importance of choosing the correct wick, here are the things you need to consider while selecting the wicks.

Diameter of the candle

Let’s begin with the most vital aspect in choosing a candlewick – the diameter of the candle. Luckily, it is the first and the easiest step to figuring out. You can read the details to know the dimension of the candle or measure it using a ruler before ordering candle containers.

Color and fragrance load

The second thing to consider is the amount of color and fragrance you want to add to the candle. The more fragrance or color you include in the wax, the thicker wick you need for the candle.

Type of candle wax

The next one is the type of candle wax. Different types of candle wax have different densities and melting points. This difference also influences your recommendation for types of candle wicks.

Burn time of the candle

Lastly, it is the burn time of the candle. If you are using paraffin wax and want slower and longer burn time, then a thin wick is the best choice for you. A thicker wick is advisable if you wish to burn your candles for short intervals like 1hour or 2hours instead of 4hours. It will also help you in avoiding funneling form because of the quick melting of the candle.

Different types of wicks

Choosing a candle wick is not just about the size. You can find various types of candle wicks. Here is a list of different types of wicks for you to choose from with wax.

  • Cored wick
  • Square braid wick
  • Flat braid wick
  • HTP wick
  • LX wicks
  • Performa Coreless wicks
  • CD series wicks
  • RRD series wicks

How to choose the correct candlewick size?

Now you know about all the essential aspects and the basics of the candlewick. Determining the right candle wick size is the last step for you to know that you are doing things the right way. The thickness of the candle wick and the length of the candlewick matters the most. In simple words, the wider the diameter of the candle, the thicker wick you need. You can also check wick size using candlewick size charts available online.