Why Swimwear Has Importance?

You like modest swimsuits. You may ask yourself, who wears it and why? Perhaps your mind will jump to believe that modest swimwear was made for more mature or plus-sized people. However, you’d be mistaken. You have many reasons to make modest swimwear for women.

Each body is different. Nobody has the same body. Why should designers offer only one aspect of clothing for such a diverse group of bodies? There are many reasons modest swimwear is important.


In today’s global swimwear market, accessibility to religious or personal beliefs, comfort, and style have been largely overlooked in favor of trendy mainstream ideas. It is easier for women to enjoy swimming as a part of their daily lives. It’s possible to create a one piece swimsuit specifically for women that allows them to participate in a sport, hobby, or the activity of swimming they love. This gives women more freedom than they might have thought.

Conservative Culture And Beliefs

Every person is different. They have their preferences and styles. It has always been important to fashion to reflect the religions and personal beliefs of each individual.

Modesty does NOT mean hiding. Since hiding can lead to shame-based reactions and disempowering of women, modesty should also be celebrated. Modesty is influenced in many ways by cultural norms. But it can be reduced to personal comfort, style, values, and convictions.

Modesty doesn’t mean being a good wife or mother. Modesty is a choice that empowers women in its truest form.

Protection Of The Skin

Modest swimwear offers greater protection against the sun. As we learn more about the effects of the sun on our skin, including the dangers of premature aging and skin cancers caused by overexposure, women are seeking safer, better protection than just sunscreen. Lime Ricki offers modest UV protection to protect skin with our swimwear material.

We wear swimwear and swimsuits most often outside on sunny days, near the water. It makes perfect sense to protect our delicate skin with modest swimwear.


How often have you wished you had worn a larger T-shirt, a pair, or both of your swimsuits? Many women say that skimpier swimsuits can ride up, shift, slip or cause problems while being on the beach. Even a simple swim could cause material problems. However, women who play beach volleyball know that the possibility of their suit falling apart can keep them from being able to enjoy their favorite activities.

You can enjoy the double benefits of modest swimwear like rashguards for sailors, surfers, and all other beach sports. They not just protect your skin from the sun but also protect you from sunburns.

Wet clothes are not often the most glamorous, but it is necessary to cover up when we get out of the water. It sticks to the skin, can become heavy, and take a while to dry, making it difficult to get everything dry.

Need For Diversity

You can’t have modest swimwear without a religious belief, personal need, or cultural background. There is a dearth of swimwear trends that reflect this style. There are many options for modest swimsuits that are cute and easy to style, which is why they are so underrepresented in the market.

There are increasing numbers of women who want to wear styles and cuts that span a wider range than what is expected. As a woman-owned swim apparel designer, we also agree. Women deserve a greater variety of choices when it comes down to swimwear. This is why we believe modest swimwear should be a priority for them, and you!