Why Should You Smoke An IQOS Cigarette?

The most significant advance in the tobacco industry in recent years is IQOS. Do you wish to stop the habit of smoking? The moment has come to make things better again. Find out more about the advantages of IQOS, a game-changing innovation in tobacco technology that you can switch to.

When Using An IQOS, Users Will Only Inhale The Vapor, Not Smoke?

Because now is the perfect moment for you and the people around you to have a more enjoyable experience with tobacco products. IQOS does not affect whatsoever on indoor or outdoor air quality wherever it is used. Because the aerosols and vapors produced by IQOS dissipate more quickly than those produced by traditional cigarettes, IQOS generates a less offensive odor than traditional cigarettes and leaves significantly fewer stains on drapes and furniture than cigarette smoke does.

You are never without your IQOS, regardless of where you are. A few seconds are all it takes for IQOS to begin heating up, and after you are through, it will automatically shut off. It is that easy!

By The Strictest Quality Controls

IQOS has been subjected to exhaustive scientific examinations, including 18 non-clinical and 10 clinical investigations to date, with participants numbering in the hundreds. The totality of the research that is now available suggests that using IQOS is not risk-free, but that quitting smoking entirely poses a lower level of danger to one’s health in comparison with utilizing IQOS entirely.

Why Using Heating Is Preferable?

Technology is something that the world just cannot function without. Our circumstances have improved as a result of the passage of time, our mode of operation, mode of communication, and mode of transportation. We have combined the fields of science and technology to come up with a more beneficial alternative than continuing to smoke.

Adult smokers who would otherwise continue to indulge in the habit are now able to do it in a more satisfying manner thanks to IQOS. You can buy IQOS from heated.pro online.

The IQOS device warms up the tobacco rather than ignites it. And there’s a straightforward explanation for this: When tobacco is burned, significant quantities of potentially hazardous compounds are produced, such as carbon monoxide. Because the IQOS HeatControlTM technology stops tobacco from burning, it has a far lower amount of hazardous compounds and a much lower concentration of these chemicals when compared to smoke from cigarettes.

The IQOS Utilizes A Heating Method

When a cigarette is ignited, the tobacco burns at a temperature of around 600 degrees Celsius. During the process of combustion, smoke and ash are produced as byproducts. The temperature of the burning ash cone increases to 800 degrees Celsius every time a smoker takes a puff.

More than 6,000 different compounds make up the complex combination that is cigarette smoke. Of these, around 100 have been identified by public health authorities as being associated with smoking-related disorders.

Tobacco is heated to a lower temperature (below 350 degrees Celsius) using the IQOS HeatControlTM technology, which therefore avoids ignition. In addition, IQOS does not produce smoke because there is no fire involved. IQOS creates a tobacco vapor that provides you with an enhanced flavor experience while simultaneously containing 95% less of the hazardous chemicals that are found in cigarettes.

Tobacco Vapor Versus Smoke

Tobacco vapor from an IQOS is far safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. To provide evidence of this, IQOS has carried out several exhaustive studies, including ten clinical studies of aerosol compounds (and data from eighteen non-clinical studies), in which thousands of people from the United States of America, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Poland took part. The research suggests that using IQOS is not without dangers; nevertheless, making the full transition to IQOS poses fewer health risks than continuing to smoke.

When compared to traditional cigarettes, IQOS releases a lower level of potentially hazardous compounds.

Carbon monoxide is produced in large quantities when tobacco is burned, as is the case with cigarettes. IQOS does not burn tobacco and creates on average 98% less carbon monoxide (CO) and much lower amounts of other dangerous chemicals compared to cigarette smoke.